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This is a awesome bra. I was in need of a good quality, tight, supportive, non bounce around bra while I run, and this is it.

The fact I now have less items to deal with while jogging is just a extra bonus. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I did pick my usual size and it was pretty bang on.

- Mande Stevens

I'm so glad to have found Swearit. The phone pocket works well and keeps my phone in place during everything from boxing to barbells to burpees.

I'm a 38E and got an XL. It fits perfectly, it's buttery soft, and the straps are supportive without digging in.

- Kate Marlow

Swearit has definitely found a gap in the sports bra world! I am always on the look out for bras with padding that is sewn in so the pad doesn't fall out or get wrinkled when in the wash. Also I always put my phone in my bra when I'm at the gym for convenience, but I also know its not that good for the breast area! This bra has found all my wants that was missing. Thanks Swearit!

- Vicki Chiu

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