Our Story

Elissa Grohne, Founder

Swearit got its start in Calgary, Alberta. Founder Elissa Grohne identified a common problem among women—there's no safe and comfortable place to stash your phone while working out. Elissa used to be guilty of stashing her cell in her sports bra, but after it had fallen out and smashed on the pavement during an outdoor run, she knew she had a problem to solve.

First and foremost, we wanted to create the best bra ever made.... that means increased support, ultimate comfort and great style. We also identified a need for a cell phone pocket considering women often have no other option than to stash their phones in their sports bras. But we couldn't stop there with a clean conscience—we took it one step further and incorporated a radiation shielding panel to protect women from potential harmful effects from cell phone radiation (RF).

We continue to strive to build a  community of like-minded women and encourage them to take that one extra step towards protecting their health while maintaining an active lifestyle.