Workout & Refresh

Saturday mornings are a perfect time for a sweaty workout session and a good Americano with one of your besties. The warmer weather makes us want to sit outside post-workout and enjoy a coffee in the sunshine. But with a packed spin class, we know the wait for a shower afterwards can be madness. So how bad is it to hang out in your sweaty gym clothes while enjoying that coffee?

Well, it can do some pretty nasty stuff to our bodies. For one, it will clog your pores. Allowing the sweat and bacteria to sit on your skin can cause you to develop acne in some not so fun places. And with summertime around the corner, we tend to bare more skin.

You are providing the perfect environment for a yeast infection! According to an article from Brit + Co, “the synthetic material allows bacteria to multiply”. The synthetic materials we love to have in our workout wear to hold us in is actually holding in bacteria. This can throw off the ph. level in our bodies and lead to a very uncomfortable next few days.

And then there is chafing. Not to be confused with Andy from The Office and his 5k nipple chafe.



We can experience chaffing in other places. When doing repetitive movements in our workouts, our sweaty clothes rub in the same places and this can cause irritation to our skin. When we neglect to shower immediately after a workout, the sweat has nowhere to escape and it can aggravate a potential irritation we have caused.

So, finish the process of honouring your body and have a quick rinse before indulging in your post-workout treat. Ditch that sports bra and sweaty workout wear into the laundry and get after your weekend!

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