Setting Our Girls up for Success

Girls as young as 14 are experiencing discomfort and embarrassment about their breasts. According to the University of Portsmouth, just one in every ten 14-year-old girls meet the government physical activity guidelines. Why? They think their breasts are too big, or they can’t find the right-fitting sports bra for their bodies.

Professor Joanna Scurr, who heads the Research Group in Breast Health for Portsmouth suggests that exercising with a well-fitted sports bra is just as important as running in the right type of shoes.

"Regardless of breast size, a well-fitted sports bra can make the world of difference to your workout, as well as your general health and well-being," Says Scurr.

Let’s empower our girls to feel confident in their skin. Not only should young girls feel comfortable about their breast size, but they should have access to a well-fitted sports bra. There are a lot of bras on the market, so how do you choose the right ones?

Here’s a great article that lays it all outsimple and to-the-point. Get yourself into the right sports bra and let’s pass on the knowledge to our girls!


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