Runner’s Boob is a Real Thing!

To all you avid runners and joggers out there, we feel your pain! Runner’s boob is becoming a hot topic as more women are speaking out about the pain they endure while running.

Boobs bounce up and down and move side to side, making it difficult to contain them with just any old sports bra. According to a study by NHS, breasts can move 15 cm during a run! Yikes!

A survey by the University of Portsmouth's Research Group in Breast Health found breasts were the fourth biggest barrier to exercise for women after lack of motivation, time and poor health. Discomfort and pain is not fair! Not only are women experiencing pain or discomfort, they are opting out of rigorous exercise!  This is a HUGE problem that we need to fix.


Find a sports bra that has high compression fabric—that means higher GSM performance fabric. Compression fabric is a high tenacity stretch fabric which, when in a close-fitting garment, provides the breasts with a firm compression fit that lessons vibrations and keeps them in place. The fabric is usually made in a knit construction, using a series of gradient fibers with an open knit inner surface to create a moisture transfer environment.

Other important features to consider when looking for a quality sports bra are encapsulating cups that separate the breasts, a thick and strong elastic band, and thick racer-back or crisscrossed straps for the best support. Reducing the effects from runner’s boob can be done by doing your research and by shopping smart!

So before you buy your next sports bra, check out this article for a reference or shop our sports bra for one that you can trust has all of these features.


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